Apr 15 2024

CANADA IS investing $2.4 billion to accelerate Canada’s artificial intelligence (AI) sector

In an exciting move to empower Canadians and propel the nation forward in artificial intelligence (AI), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a groundbreaking investment of $2.4 billion set to feature in Budget 2024. This significant commitment aims to not only cement Canada’s position as a global AI leader but also to create meaningful opportunities for[…]

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Feb 29 2024

CanExport SMEs Reopens for Applications: Act Now, Time is Limited! 

Attention Canadian businesses! CanExport SMEs is back in action and ready to support your international endeavors, but you must act fast! With applications open for just three months, this is your chance to propel your business onto the global stage and seize transformative opportunities before the window closes.  CanExport SMEs recently underwent a temporary pause[…]

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Feb 14 2024

Empowering Alberta’s Canola Farmers: The SR&ED Tax Credit as a Pathway to Innovation and Financial Security 

In the heart of Alberta’s vast and vibrant agricultural landscape, canola farmers are being presented with a unique opportunity that intertwines their hard work with innovative research. The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program for the year 2023 stands as a beacon of support, offering a substantial tax credit of 12.49% for[…]

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Feb 07 2024

CanExport  Set to Reopen This Month 

Canada’s international trade landscape has found a steadfast companion in the CanExport SMEs funding initiative. Designed to propel Canadian businesses into the global arena, the program has been a cornerstone in the journey of enterprises seeking to establish a robust international presence. As we anticipate the reopening of CanExport SMEs this month, the buzz around[…]

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Jan 30 2024

Canada’s Bold Move to Revitalize R&D and Support Entrepreneurs

The Canadian Government is making a big push to boost the country’s innovation scene. They’re really throwing their weight behind Canadian businesses, especially in research and development (R&D). It’s clear they want Canada to be at the forefront of innovation. Starting in January 2024, they’re shaking things up with the Scientific Research and Experimental Development[…]

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