SR&ED | Multimedia Companies

SR&ED ~ Multimedia Companies

The multimedia sector is a collection of firms whose growth in the information technology and software sector, which is the sector that enables the interactive, simultaneous processing of sounds, images and texts using a single computerized system. The multimedia industry creates experiences that engage today’s consumer, across multiple mediums. While these industries experienced a healthy growth in the past few years, this growth benefited primarily programmers, computer analysts, Web designers and technicians. Since the 1990s, the multimedia sector greatly benefited from government job creation assistance programs, including through refundable tax credit, and the vitality of firms focused on developing Web technology, both for the Internet and for company intranets. Government programs, demand and the credible quality of the Canadian labour force should contribute to the growth in the next few years. In 2010, Ontario accounted for 58.7% of the total revenues generated by the industry, followed by Quebec (22.4%) and British Columbia (9.2%). Operating revenues for the sector rose 2.2% to $6.9 billion, according to newly published figures. There is a great opportunity for SR&ED and OIDMTC tax credit processing, with respect to categorizing expenses to maximize your claim.

CTAP (Canadian Technology Advancement Partners) specializes in the preparation of R&D credits’ (SR&ED) submissions for software and multimedia companies. We understand that innovative companies may not have the internal staff resources to prepare and manage their claims. That’s why we offer a complete end to end service and the expertise you require to maximize your claim. We invite you to think of us as your virtual R&D tax credit team – a resource that you can count on to process your claim now and provide you with on-going advice and support in the future. All CTAP consultants have direct experience in working in the field. And since our consultants understand the processes and methodology of product development, they are able to complete your claim with less disruption to your day-to-day activity. CTAP helps medium to large sized Canadian Corporations devoted to innovation and execution of new technologies, processes, systems and, carried out within a variety of industry sectors, such as:


  • Processing power
  • Simulation and motion capture
  • Presentation
  • Concurrency
  • Cross-platform development
  • Mobile or online gaming

You Maybe Eligible for SR&ED | OIDMTC, If you:

  • You have made advancements in processing power, simulation and motion capture, presentation, concurrency, cross-platform development, and mobile or online gaming
  • You have engaged in the development of interactive digital products