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In the highly competitive and pressured world of product development, intellectual property is crucial for success. That is why Canadian corporations invest billions of dollars into R&D to compete for the next big thing. Canada’s talented software development experts, outstanding R&D capability, and economical labour expenditure and taxation rates make it an ideal location for value-added software-development work. The software Industry sector comprises mainly of custom application developers, shrink wrap software developers, systems integrators, software development as a component of another product and lastly scientific/technical software. All of which include MIS developments, may contain eligible projects if they abide with CRA’s SR&ED project criteria (Advancement, Uncertainty, and Content). There are no disqualified categories of eligible software development. Moreover, Computer Programming Beta site testing, development phase related to the product architecture, third-party integration, performance metrics, through-puts, data structures and algorithms, development platform bugs and/or limitations could be commonly perceived as by-products of methodical research and development (R&D).The Canadian software market had generated total revenue of $6.6 billion in 2010. Other application software sales demonstrated the most lucrative for the Canadian software market in 2010, with total revenues of $2.4 billion, equivalent to 36% of the market’s overall value. The performance of the software development industry is forecasted to grow, with an anticipated CAGR of 2.6% for the five-year period 2010 – 2015

You Maybe Eligible For SR&ED, If Your:

  • development of new software products
  • integration of sub-components into a system
  • the porting or retrofitting of legacy software
  • New Media development
  • development of software as services
  • web development
  • Search Engine Optimization and web analytics
  • development of device drivers or firmware
  • hardware development
  • Application Development / Integration
  • Activities to improve reliability and security of existing products
  • Development iterations to product design, framework, algorithms
  • Development of platform /Enhancing limitations of existing foundation