SR&ED Consulting Fees


  • Responsive – responding to your SR&ED queries.

  • We assign a designated Senior SR&ED Consulting Team to each client. CTAP’s SR&ED team specializes in your industry – e.g., software, manufacturing, tooling, machining, automotive, aerospace, metal fabricating, chemicals & plastics, food, electronics.

  • Implement best SR&ED practices and tools for efficient internal controls and documentation of the SR&ED process.

  • Provide you with a copy of the complete SR&ED report, for your records.

  • Perform quarterly Milestone visits/conference calls to assess new SR&ED projects and update on all files under processing.

  • We possess a specialized SR&ED Report preparation approach for each industry to ensure successful identification of each SR&ED activity for claim.

We put a lot of confidence in our SRED consultants and our 25+ years of SR&ED expertise. As a result, every SR&ED project we undertake is compensated on a success fee basis. This means we only receive a small percentage of your SR&ED refund, and only once you receive it!


CTAP ensures the confidentiality of our clients trade secrets and I.P (intellectual property). Our standard SRED service agreements contain a section protecting our clients private affairs. CRA also reinforces the confidentiality of reports & returns submitted to them.

  • Even though CTAP fees are value driven, we go an extra mile and charge them on a contingency basis thus they are only due when you receive your tax credit.

  • If you prefer hourly, fixed fee or combination fee structures can be accommodated.

  • Because CTAP professionals routinely identify current and future legitimate expenditures that others would have over-looked, CTAP services effectively pay for themselves.