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CTAP, a seasoned consulting firm, specializes in helping businesses swiftly expand and achieve lasting performance improvements by leveraging government financial incentives. Our dedicated team assists entrepreneurs in securing funding for innovation, offering expert guidance on government incentives like interactive media, film and television, SR&ED tax credits and grants. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve played a crucial role in helping technology and media companies secure hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives. Our expertise uniquely positions us to identify the right government incentive for your specific needs, regardless of your industry or growth stage.


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    We strive to go above and beyond in assisting businesses to optimize their innovation capabilities and financial resources with precision and effectiveness. Our team comprises a variety of professionals, including scientists, engineers, accountants, financial analysts, and communication specialists, all motivated to assist you in linking your innovative efforts to tangible financial gains

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    CTAP’s contingency fees demonstrate their worth. Request a free consultation today. Our specialized services aid Canadian companies in maximizing their resources by tapping into various financial incentives, including grants and pre-funding innovation, offered by federal and provincial governments. The CTAP team brings expertise in product development cycles, software development, engineering, manufacturing, and business management, ensuring comprehensive support beyond the focus of SR&ED

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