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Claim Objectives

Our primary SR&ED claim objective is to maximize the value of your SRED refund.

To do so we:

  •  Identify the government support programs and incentives that apply to your research and development activities

  •  Provide timely service with minimal disruption to your on-going operations and procedures

  •  Recommend procedures to help you to maximize future claims

  • Go beyond the basics to offer you accessible tax credit claims advice throughout the year

  • Provide Educational Seminars tailored for your specific R&D environment Why leave money on the table? SRED

    Contingency fees pay for themselves. Request a free SRED consultation.

SR&ED claim Objectives And How SR&ED Works?

In order to be SR&ED eligible, an SR&ED claimant requires involvement in SR&ED work which meets all three of the following SR&ED Objectives:

Your SR&ED project has advanced the knowledge base of the company in a way that could only be accomplished by systematic investigation and experimentation. Your SR&ED project had a legitimate risk of failure.

To receive the SRED government incentives, claimants require completion of a detailed technical report:

  • SRED Project Description

  • SRED  Technological Objectives

  • SRED Technological Uncertainty

  • SRED Knowledge Base Level

  • SRED Technological Advancement

  • Description of  SRED Work

  • SRED Supporting Documentation

SR&ED Consultants – OIDMTC Consultants | Tax Credit Preparation

CTAP’s Virtual SR&ED team is ready and able to meet with you at your convenience.To find out whether your organization qualifies for lucrative research and development tax credits or other applicable programs.

Please contact at: 60 Centurian Dr.  Suite 214 Markham,  Ontario L3R 8T5  Tel: 416-628-0874 or 1-877-414-CTAP Emailsred email ctap