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OIDMTC Eligibility Questionnaire

>See If You Qualify

Use this tool to determine if the product development work you did has a probability of meeting the OIDMTC requirements. Complete the questions for each product that you have undertaken.
The tool is intended for self-assessment and educational purposes only. Only the OMDC can determine the eligibility of the products.
You should focus on the completed products you have developed during the tax year for which you are planning to make a claim.
Please file a claim for each product that gets an affirmative result. To help you submit a complete claim we recommend that you review the OIDMTC Eligibility and take advantage of the services we offer prior to filing an OIDMTC claim.
If a product receives a negative result and the explanations given are not clear, please contact your OIDMTC professional for clarification or advice.



 OIDMTC Qualification

Initial Corporation Qualification 

Initial Product Qualification

Secondary Product Qualification




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