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OIDMTC Ontario Digital Media Tax Credit

What Else We Do ? OIDMTC Services - Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit

OIDMTC for start ups and small companies 

CTAP – What is OIDMTC?

Does your company develop interactive digital media products for sale, license or on a fee-for-service basis?

Have you created digital gameseducational productsinformational products, digital training materials, digital news or other digital media products in the last three to  five years?


Is the majority of your development done in Ontario? If so, you may be eligible for the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC).
The OIDMTC program will refund up to 40% of qualifying development costs   and up to 40% of qualifying sales and marketing costs (up to $100,000 per  non-specified product). There are no limits to the number of products that you can claim and you can usually claim products that you have developed in the last four years. Even if you have already claimed SR&ED in the last four years, you can still go back and claim eligible OIDMTC on expenses that were not included on your SR&ED claim.



  • OIDMTC (Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit) – can be claimed together with SR&ED tax credits
  • OIDMTC Canadian media tax credit focuses on the the development of multimedia products with the main purpose to educate, inform, or entertain.
  • Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit yields 40% of eligible labour and marketing and distribution costs 
  • OIDMTC includes marketing and distribution expenses capped at $100,000 per qualifying product.
  • Product based without limits on the claim amounts
 OIDMTC Consultants CTAP INC. 

CTAP OIDMTC consultants are software developers and OIDMTC content specialists. Most businesses leave money on the table or lack OIDMTC program knowledge to get the most of their claim.




What Is OIDMTC: The Definition 

Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit “Interactive digital media product” is defined by the regulation as a combination of one or more application files and one or more data files, all in a digital format, that are integrated and are intended to be operated together Ok, tell me more...

The interactive digital media incentive program is calculated up to 40% of eligible labour, marketing and distribution expenditures for a qualifying corporation with respect to authorized interactive digital media products. The program was designed to reduce the cost for developing interactive digital media products. There is no limit on the amount of entitled labour expenditures which may qualify and there are no per project or annual corporate limits on the amount of the interactive digital media tax incentive which may be declared.To be eligible for the incentive program, the qualifying corporation must have developed an interactive digital media product with the main intent to educate, inform, or entertain, and that fulfills its primary purpose by displaying info in at least two of:

 red bullet tiny Images Images-28x28    red bullet tiny Text Text-28x28   red bullet tiny SoundSound-28x28


 OIDTMC Eligibility

What is OIDMTC?

                                     OIDMTC Guidelines

OIDMTC Eligible Digital Games

How to Qualify a Product for OIDMTC?


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