Receive Up To $75,000: CanExport for Canadian Businesses


CanExport SMEs, a cornerstone funding initiative, propels Canadian enterprises onto the international stage. This program crucially supports businesses navigating global complexities, serving as a catalyst for establishing a robust global presence. 

CanExport SMEs stands as a beacon, offering a golden opportunity for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to explore and expand their horizons. CanExport SMEs isn’t just financial support; it’s a strategic partner for Canadian enterprises aiming to thrive internationally. The program offers up to $50,000 for international business development activities. In addition CanExport Innovation program covers up to $75,000 to pursue and sign collaborative R&D agreements with international partners.

To embark on the CanExport SMEs journey, businesses must align with specific eligibility criteria:  

    • For-Profit : Operate for profit, emphasizing the program’s commitment to bolstering global competitiveness. 

    • Legal Structure : Be an incorporated legal entity, LLP, or cooperative based in Canada, ensuring a diverse range of business structures. 

    • CRA Business Number : Possess a CRA business number, streamlining administrative processes for standardized identification. 

    • Workforce Size : Have fewer than 500 FTE employees, recognizing the vital role of SMEs in economic growth and innovation. 

    • Annual Revenue Range : Declare an annual revenue from $100,000 to $100 million in Canada during the last tax reporting year, or the last 12 months for monthly/quarterly filers. 

Financial assistance mechanisms provided by CanExport Grant is crucial for companies seeking to harness its transformative potential. CanExport SMEs provides financial assistance within 60 business days, offering contributions or grants based on a comprehensive risk assessment. Contributions operate on a reimbursement basis, while grants are issued post-funding agreement. 

How to Apply for CanExport Program

Unlock the potential of CanExport Funding with CTAP, your strategic partner for navigating government grants. CTAP offers expert guidance, streamlined application submission, optimized processing times, and tailored support for your business. Beyond CanExport SMEs, CTAP provides comprehensive services, including market research and post-project reporting.

CanExport SMEs is a game-changer, offering a strategic ally for Canadian businesses in the global marketplace. Partnering with the Trade Commissioner Service and leveraging CTAP’s expertise ensures a smooth journey, decoding the language of global trade. This program is more than a guide; it’s a passport to growth, a ticket to global influence, and a game plan for triumph on the world stage. Embark on your CanExport SMEs journey confidently with CTAP. Visit our website for personalized assistance. Let us be your partner in unlocking the full potential of this transformative funding program, propelling your business into the global spotlight.

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