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Have You…

Conducted in-house R&D?
Contracted a 3rd party to perform R&D on your behalf?
Developed or attempted development of a new part/tool/product/process?
Enhanced and existing part/tool/product/process?
Modified your product formulation?
Improved your production process (reduced time/costs)?
Added new features, modified or improved any existing products?
Automated your production?
Developed or attempted development of a new computer application or software?
Made a major enhancement on an existing computer application or software?
Integrated various databases or applications?
Modified existing products or machines to new applications?
Improved response time of your software application?
Machined/fabricated parts/dies using new materials or to meet higher tolerances?
Built a prototype or any custom, one-off pieces of equipment or machinery?
Incurred expenditures for a process, project or prototype that failed because of unresolved issues?
Filed any technology patents or will you in the near future?
Encountered problems refurbishing/rebuilding older machinery?

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 SR&ED Eligibility

SR&ED Project program criteria

Summary of SR&ED Changes

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