sred oidmtc careers
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SRED / OIDMTC Technical Consultant

sred oidmtc careers

Are you extraordinary? 

CTAP Inc / MediaFunds® are searching for amazing people to join the technical SR&ED and OIDMTC team. A job at CTAP Inc / MediaFunds® means that you will be working with an incredible network of highly sophisticated and intelligent, business-savvy professionals who are in it to make a difference by finding prospective SRED and OIDMTC companies that are advancing technology or developing interactive digital media products.

Where Innovation & Interactivity converge

We’re located in Richmond Hill, GTA , Toronto  in the heart of Ontario’s technology sector. We share our modern space with other software development and technology companies.

At CTAP, you will be exposed to new and exciting products and technologies in a variety of industries and different sectors. You will  gain useful business expertise related to SRED guidelines and OIDMTC criteria. Join our SRED and OIDMTC team today and be given the opportunity to make an impact and contribute to the growth of the Canadian technology sector. Our firm searches for the best of the best, so you will be working alongside the sharpest minds in your field.

You will be focusing on expertise in product development cycle, software development, engineering, manufacturing, and business management, combined with an in-depth knowledge of SR&ED program and its interpretations. We assist with identifying eligible SR&ED activities, documenting your claim and maximizing your SR&ED tax credit or cash rebate. Our services are provided at no risk to you.

If you’re up for a new challenge, please take a look at our available positions below.

We look forward to meeting with you.

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