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CTAP | SR&ED - Understand federal and provincial SR&ED tax credits & Find out if you qualify!

SR&ED ~ Industries We Serve 

SR&ED Industries We Serve | SRED Tax Incentives

CTAP – SR&ED Tax Credit Consultantadministered by the Canada Revenue Agency ( CRA )
SRED (or SR&ED) refers to the Canadian Government’s “Scientific Research and Experimental Development” program. The SR&ED program is a rewarding incentive program that honors companies in various industries to take advantage of tax credits that are recouped after conducting Research and Development activities in Canada.The SR&ED Canadian government incentive program pays in excess of $4 Billion (CDN) to over 20,000 eligible claimants every year. The SR&ED program provides a significant cash refunds or tax credits to offset a significant portion of their qualified R&D expenditures.As result of the the SR&ED programs tedious nature, the government incentive program is considered a convoluted and time consuming report preparation has deterred businesses from participation. It is not uncommon for claimants process which includes proper documenting and supporting proof in determining eligible R&D expenditures that is industry specific and may appear routine.

Industry Consultants and Technical Expertise

It is crucial that your SR&ED consulting team thoroughly understands the research and development (R&D) and business obstacles specifically related to your company. SR&ED consultants that are not industry experts within your sector or line of business often are unable to identify eligible activities or miss fruitful opportunities that are gone unclaimed.

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CTAP (Canadian Technology Advancement Partners) specializes in the preparation of R&D credits’ (SR&ED) submissions for Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Material, Civil and other fields of engineering companies engaged in building machinery or other sub sectors classified in the same industry as establishments with similar type of engineering. We understand that innovative companies may not have the internal staff resources to prepare and manage their claims. That’s why we offer a complete end to end service and the expertise you require to maximize your claim. We invite you to think of us as your virtual R&D tax credit team – a resource that you can count on to process your claim now and provide you with on-going advice and support in the future. All CTAP consultants have direct experience in working in the field. And since our consultants understand the processes and methodology of product development, they are able to complete your claim with less disruption to your day-to-day activity. CTAP helps medium to large sized Canadian Corporations devoted to innovation and execution of new technologies, processes, systems and, carried out within a variety of industry sectors:


Why leave money on the table? CTAcontingency fees pay for themselves. Request a free consultation. CTAP specialized services assist Canadian companies to maximize their resources by accessing research and development tax credits available from the federal and provincial governments. CTAP staff has expertise in product development cycle, software development, engineering, manufacturing, and business management, combined with an in-depth knowledge of SR&ED.

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CTAP Virtual SR&ED Team has assisted Canadian SME’s to recover millions of dollars in SR&ED credits that otherwise would have gone unclaimed.

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