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SR&ED Consulting Fees

CTAP SRED Claim Preparation Rates


  • Responsive – responding to your SR ED queries.
  • We assign a designated Senior SRED Consulting Team to each client. CTAP’s SR&ED team that specializes in your industry – e.g. software, manufacturing, tooling, machining, automotive, aerospace, metal fabricating, chemicals & plastics, food,  electronics.
  • Implement best SRED practices and tools for efficient internal controls and documentation of the SR&ED process.
  • Provide give you with a copy of the complete SR&ED report, for your records.
  • Perform quarterly Milestone visits/conference calls to assess new SRED projects and update on all files under processing.
  • We possess a specialized SRED Report preparation approach for each industry to ensure successful identification of each SRED activities for claim.


CTAP ensures the confidentiality of our clients trade secrets and I.P (intellectual property). Our standard SRED service agreements contain a section protecting our clients private affairs. CRA also reinforces the confidentiality of reports & returns submitted to them.

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FEES  sred tax credits - ctap sr ed consultant fees

SR ED consultant fees

We put a lot of confidence in our SRED consultants and our 25+ years of SR&ED expertise.  As result, each SRED project we undertake is compensated on a success fee basis; For example:  we only get a small percentage of what your SRED refund and only when you receive it! Setup a Free SR and ED consultation Now!


Fees are charged on a contingency basis and are only due when you receive your tax credit SR ED consulting Fees are charged on a contingency basis and are only due when you receive your tax credit
If you prefer hourly, fixed fee or combination fee structures can be accommodated. If you prefer hourly, fixed fee or combination fee structures can be accommodated.
Because CTAP professionals routinely identify current and future legitimate expenditures that others would have over-looked,  CTAP services effectively pay for themselves. Because CTAP professionals routinely identify current and future legitimate expenditures that others would have over-looked,  CTAP services effectively pay for themselves.


CTAP R&D tax credits in Toronto
SR&ED Consulting Fees
Date Published: 09/14/2014
Client Testimonial Review: Our experience with CTAP has been very positive. They have the unique ability to both recognize the SRED issues that we face in building our claim, and also enough technical competence to really comprehend the details that we are giving. They force us to build our claim case using appropriate terminology that is more than just technical. CTAP has also always been there to help answer questions and provide encouragement. They do not hesitate to contact the appropriate parties on our behalf, whether they be within the government or our accountant's offices. I would not hesitate to recommend CTAP for any SRED project.. - E-commerce Solutions Company
5 / 5 stars